Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Revolution!! :) (continuation)

With the end of the Reign of terror (finally omfg), internal conflicts inside France decreased a lot, and now, their main worry was about the other countries that were in war against France. Most part of Europe during that time was an Absolutist Monarchy, and when those countries saw the French Revolution, and its ideologies, they got scared. All the kings that wanted to keep their powers declared war on France, in order to prevent the Revolution and the other ideas to spread in Europe. Even though France was screwed up, they managed to get a pretty good result actually, under the command of the General Napoleon Bonaparte ( who was indeed shorter than Yas, by one centimeter).

In 1795, they got an agreement with Spain and Prussia, so those countries were no longer in war against France, besides, they conquered some territory and established the Batavian Republic in Holland, which as a puppet state for france ( a puppet state is basically a independent state, but in practice it is dependent of other bigger state, so its not actually completely independent). Later on Spain will no longer be neutral, but become allies with France. Who also tried to invade Ireland, but failed due to bad climate conditions… And in Europe, war was basically about France and Austria. France tried 2 different strategies to invade Austria. The first one consisted of crossing the germanic kingdoms, this one didn’t worked, so they needed to try the second one out, which was invading them through the north Italy, that worked. In 1797 they invaded Austria, and in April, French forces arrived in Leoben, on their way for Viena. Austria then got scared and they signed the Leoben Treaty, which resulted not only in a agreement between those to countries, but the end of the first coalition as well. After that, France invaded Switzerland… EXACTLY, Switzerland… That’s the first time I see Switzerland being invaded.

But Napoleon did it because he was afraid that Switzerland could attack France, due to different political ideas. French was 100% PISSED and full of energy. They even conquered Rome, kicked the ass of the Papa and created the Roman Republic. With all those victories, I guess you can imagine that Napoleon was very popular in France, and the Directory didn’t liked it very much, because they were afraid to lose their sweet sweet power. So they decided to send him to Egypt, so he would get away from Paris. Besides that, France couldn’t defeat the British by the sea, so they would need to attack Egypt anyway to screw up their economy, so Napoleon went to Egypt, and everything went good at the beginning, they were conquering most territory through the Nilo, but then the British broke the French boats, making Napoleon stuck in Egypt. That led to the Ottoman Empire to join the war, since the Ottoman controlled Egypt during that time.

In december, Austria and Russia saw that everything running out of control and after an agreement with Britain, they declare war on France. Now the second coalition. In 1979, Napoleon managed to go back to Paris and began the Coup d’etat. (Also known as 18 of Brumaire), which dissolves the directory and establish the consulate, as well as a new constitution, and then the new Napoleonic Age started. For many the French Revolution ends here. But the battle for the second coalition continue. In 1800 Napoleon gets the domain of the Northern Italy and on the next year they invade Austria and they got a new treaty, the Treaty of Luneville, and eventually reaching peace. After that, the kingdom of Naples and Sicily got out of the war. Still in 1801, Spain and France invade Portugal, in what’s called the war of the oranges, getting then a peace treaty with Portugal. However, the battle against Britain still remained in the seas, But in 1802 France gets peace with England and their allies ending the second coalition, and we finally got in a period of peace… for 14 months hehe.

At the beginning of the French Revolution the power started in the hand of a random guy, and ended with the power in the hand of another random guy, who would at the end become the emperor of France.

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