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An object has no beating heart

A human being has a beating heart, and a beating heart is not an object. Advertisements have used women more

and more as objects in commercial for their own benefit throughout. This affects not just the way we see women, but also our social class structure. One of the reasons to the abundant amount of crimes going on in our society is how we present women as vulnerable figures and also how they should be treated.The advertisements are not only intermediated online, but as big posters just outside of our doors, doing more consequence than thought. “Ads sell more than products.They sell values , images, and concepts of love, sexuality, success, and normalcy”. (Killing us softly 4 - Advertising’s Image Of Women)

The amount of influence a advertisement has, does not only affect adults, but kids as well.The complex mind of a young adult can through time be manipulated to believe things at its fragile state in life. There are no rules for what should be shown on the TV anymore. You would usually think after 9-10 pm the kids need to go to bed, because of the material presented during that time. But now during morning, lunch and evening commercials are aired with sexual content. “Images that used to belong to pornography are now commonplace”.The way we are advertising products are definitely affecting our next generation for the worst, with the women treated with oppression behind the screen. Throughout time we will see young children's view change on women, life and how to create a stable life.The biggest damage is going to be applied on the mindset of young boys and their behavior will affect our future. Jean Kilbourne claims “Masculinity is often linked with violence. Boys grow up in a world where men are constantly shown as perpetrators of brutal violence, encouraging toughness and insensitivity”. They will not only be non-successful and focus on sex, drugs and alcohol, but also either die at a young age of homelessness (increased poverty) or have jail as there home.

Many crimes happening in our society like rape and abuse are specifically happening on women. One of the big reasons to this happening is the way women are presented through commercials. “Girls are often pictured in ads with their hands over their mouths. Their body is usually passive, vulnerable, and very different from the body language of boys and men”. Women being presented as sexy, but still virginal. Women are presented as slaves for men, cooking for them, cleaning the house, taking care of the baby and even used sexually of men. Equality will never happen if we are going to present women in this way. Women will soon not gain equal payment that they have fought for all these years, equal respect or equal value whatsoever.

Women in comparison to men get the worst treatment in the advertising world and even the modeling world. Women suffer by not eating what so ever, having an abnormal weight that will lead to consequences like eating disorder, loss of energy, depression and weakened immune system.

Abundant amount of women's eating regimen given to them from the producers are strictly to abstain food, take pills and drugs to calm them down. Even though women in this business area suffer, they also get photoshopped after to what that is “Scientifically” proven to be a beautiful women. The advertisers actually benefit from this! “On the one hand, women who are insecure about their bodies are more likely to buy beauty products, new clothes, and diet aids.”(Should thin be “in”? - Media Awareness Network, 2010). The thinner a women gets, more vulnerable will she look which makes us return to the crime consequence once again with all the abuse and raping. Jean Kilbourne claims that “The overwhelming presence of painfully thin women means that real women's bodies have become invisible in the mass media”.

Opponents to my view of the media structure and the consequences on the woman's value see this in a different perspective. They create their material manipulating the people to buy that special car, miracle creme or the alcohol by putting a woman beside the products and showing their skin. Although it seems like the advertisers mostly use caucasians and not all the skin colours, which brings in race issues into the whole concept as well.They might not think about the consequences much, or not see them as important. Females are seemed as visible embodiments equal to an object. In conclusion seen having an inferior, subordinate role in our society.In continues this will lead to less quality, more crimes happening and us creating a bad generation by providing such advertisements for the kids as well.

For this change to happen, the advertisers need to change their point of view. This will inevitably lead to many advertisers losing their jobs, because of the loss of views on the commercials and less sells. But that is because of the mindset they created on the society. Humankind has a fixed mindset now on how a commercial should be shown.Over time this will change and people from the next generation will get a lot more healthier mindset on women, what is an object and what is not and women will have a more healthier/stable life.

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