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Straight out of options

after the presidential debate 2016

After the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Hofstra university (NYC), american citizens are now straight out of options when it comes to choosing the future president of USA.

Clinton and Trump clashed on each other through the general questions regarding racism, economy and equality. Both candidates debated scurrilous stories about each other.A few of them being Clinton’s email scandal and Trump’s help in the invasion of Iraq.

Clinton brought up general issues that has plagued the world while Trump being famous for strong subjective and very incoherent opinions. There propaganda was extremely different, which you might think would make it easier for american citizens to choose but they proved that belief wrong.Not even a congruit hug at the end will make the american citizens believe there peace between each other anymore.

“You decided to stay home”, says Trump confidently.

“I prepared to become a president”

Clinton promises a country with a stable tax pay for all social classes and a safer country. “Better forces and contained guns”, she says loud and proud while Trump nods sarcastically on her left shoulder. Throughout the debate Clinton’s only plan was to fix all the issues inside the country through budget. This has made many of the american citizens wonder. Does she really have a plan and is she even prepared to become a president after the email scandal?

“Clinton has no stamina”

“Trump, you are known for being the King Of Debt!”

Trump is always known for looking for the “Problem”. Today we faced a revolutionary ostracism from Trump on Immigrants, especially Mexicans, Indians and Chinese people. Companies leaving the United States seems to be the bane of his life.

Trump was not only bashful to Immigrants, but to a particular social class in USA. “No more taxes for the rich people”, says Trump with a cavort mood. This means double as much taxes for the common citizens of America. Trump covets more jobs for the american citizens and no more solar energy because of its cost. Racist comments led to scurrilous stories of Clinton to gain exhorts. Although the cameras showed a clear view of how apathetic she was over hearing the stories, but that did not stop Trump from being contentious as usual.

Clinton with irresponsible actions led many through suspicious thoughts, specially after Trumps comment “You are telling our enemies everything”, ISIS being one. On the other hand we have obvious racist actions from Trump wanting to give more power for richer people. Clinton added a comment on Trump as well “You helped the invasion of Iraq”. As usual Trump brought backup this time using Shawn Hennedy’s name, but should we believe that? Could the stories told in the debate be simple sound bites or something more?

Both candidates have proved the disability to lead america in peace, so why has there not been any change in the system?

Hopefully our beloved country will find itself back to humanity or at least in the hands of people with more knowledge than two seventh and fourth graders.

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