Shrödingers cat meets string theory

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Quantum Superposition illustrated through Shrödinger’s is a theoretical phenomena created by Erwin Schrödinger, depicting that a cat in a box with 50% chance of living or dying within the next hour can be 50% dead and alive until the box is open and one of the following probabilities are determined. The thought of a half dead and alive in quantum theory is the same as the thought of an atom behaving as both a wave and a particle until it is observed, thus observing something it is believed to manipulate the results.

The string theory however believes in no different forces and sees all the forces, interactions, particles and manifestations as one. Instead of all the 4 fundamental forces, strong, electromagnetic, weak and gravitation their is one unified theory that encompasses all of them.

The string theory has not been proven but is more of an hypothesis of comparisons between forces as their similarities such as how two massive bodies gravitates and their similarity to electrical charged particles repelling/attracting. Another example would be how a pendulum oscillates and completely analogues to how the mass on a spring moves back and forth or how planets orbit the stars.

Gravitational waves, water waves and light waves all share similar features despite them arising from different fundamental physical origins. Most don’t realise that quantum theory of a single particle and how you’d approach a quantum theory pf gravity are similarly analogous!

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