Chameleons of the sea are Cuttlefish (also known as cuddle-fish) are marine animals from the “Order Sepiida” rapidly change skin color and with their mantle cavity for jet-propulsion with ink escape when predators are present. This creature, despite the name is in fact a molluscs (not a fish) and there are over 120 species of them in tropical temperate ocean waters. Cuttlefishes can be found in shallow-water oceans all the way to 600 meters depth and with 8 arms, 2 tentacles and 3 hearts (two hearts of pump blood to gills and the thirst to circulate oxygenated blood to the rest of the body) they can survive a lifespan of 1-2 years. Some more interesting facts are the following : 1. Long oval bone called a cuttlebone within in the cuttlefish is like a chamber rich in calcium, gas and water depending on the location of the molluscs. 2. Although color-blind, they have two of the most highly developed eyes in the animal kingdom, because of their ability to see well in low light and see polarised light. The horizontal slit-pupil with a distinct W-shape in bright light and circular in dark light. 3. One of the largest brain to body size ratio, among the most intelligent invertebrates considering the high capacity input they have for variety of senses, sigh, smell and sound. 4. They have an unusual tree-blue blood because they use a copper-containing protein haemocyanin to carry oxygen instead of the iron-containing protein hemoglobin that we humans have. 5. Some are venomous and change colour before they attack their preys such as shrimps, small molluscs and other cuttlefishes. They pull the prey in with heir succulent tentacles and paralyse the prey. 6. They can communicate visually by producing signals such as chromatic (skin collocation), skin texture (rough or smooth), posture and locomotion. 7. Male cuttlefishes sometimes disguise themselves as females to get pass with competing with other males to mate with a female, they stay with the female for 2 hours until the eggs are laid and after two months the eggs hatch (depending on temperature). Otherwise the Cuttlefish are solitary creatures and do not meet up, except for mating.

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