Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Luna, earths only natural satellite, formed 4.6 billion years ago around 30-40 million years after solar systems formation. Its mass is 7.35x10^22kg (0.01 Earths), surface temperature -233 to 123 °C, diameter 3.475km and orbits around the earth with a distance 384.400km and orbit period of 27.3 days.

1. Only one side of the moon can be seen from earth, because the moon is in synchronous rotation with earth.

2. Moon is the fifth largest satellite in the solar system, with Jupiter and Saturns moons being bigger. Earth is 80 times the volume of the moon, with both being about the same age which brought up the theory that the moon was once a part of the earth and was formed from a chunk that broke away due to collisions with earth when it was young.

3. Because of the moons weak gravitational force in comparison to earth, you would weight one sixth (16.5%) on the moon.

4. It is estimated that for another 50 billion years, the moon will drift away from earth 3.8cm a year and by then the moon will orbit the earth for a period of 47 days instead of the current 27.3!

5. No atmosphere on the moon, so it is unprotected from cosmic rays, meteorites, temperature variations and solar winds. It is also why there is no sound on the moon and the sky is always black.

6. There are two bulges in earth due to the moons gravitational force, one side facing the moon and the other on the opposite facing away from the moon. The bulges move around the oceans as earth rotates causing low and high tides.

7. Quakes on the moon are caused by the gravitational pull of the earth and this was proved by astronaut and seismographs that found moonquakes several km beneath the surface, causing cracks and ruptures and thus scientists think the moon has a molten core just like earth.

8. The moon has so far been visited 12 times, first time being by LUNA soviet craft in 1959 and is soon to be visited again in 2019 by NASA.

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