Matter And Antimatter

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Quantum theory and special relativity was combined in a equations for the first time in 1928 by Paul Dirac to describe an electron moving at a relativistic way. To break it down In an equation like x^2=4 can have a solution of ±2, which posed that an electron can have a negative as well as a positive charge and as classical physics dictates that energy of a particle has to be positivity, Dirac hypothesis became that for every particle their must be an opposite charge, electron must have an “Anti-electron” also known as a positron and protons with antiprotons! The idea of antimatter also posed that when matter and antimatter common contact, they annihilate and disappearing a flash of energy.

The Big Bang should have created a symmetry of of antimatter as matter, however we have more matter in contrast to antimatter which brings out the question to why so? We believe that in the early stages of the universe, there was equal amount of matter as there was antimatters. However, today we seem the smallest forms to the largest stellar objects being entirely mate of matter. The principles stand as antimatters having the same mass as their matter, but opposite charge such as the positron and electron.

As matters and antimatters are proceeds as pairs and annihilate leaving pure energy when come in contact gives a theory! Dyring the first seconds of the Big Bang, the hot dense universe was filled with particle-antiparticle pairs getting in and out of existence. But then if they get creates and destroyed together, then we should have by now been left with only pure energy.

Although, a tiny portion of matter about one particle per billion survived. Thus laws of physics does mot apply equally to matteer and antimatter as transformations between particles and antiparticles occur millions of times per second before they decay probably caused by the early universe making the oscillating matters decay more as matter than antimatter. Imagining the decay as a coin flipped with 50% chance of matter and 50% of antimatter to decay, there must have been something that interfered with these oscillating particles to make the majority of them to decay as matter. Physicist plan to find out why it is so by studying the imbalance and their behaviours in high energy-proton collision at the Large Hadron Collider.

First anti-hydrogen produced by CERN as they mixed positrons and low energy antiprotons in a antiproton decelerator. They have no charge with hyperfine spectroscopic properties from the hydrogen. Now by using the spectra of hydrogen and anti-hydrogen we might be able to solve the asymmetry of the matter and antimatter mystery. Considering antimatter and matter annihilate when they meet, the challenge was to keep the antiatoms away from the ordinary matters by using anti-hydrogens magnetic properties and use non-uniform magnetic field to trap them long enough to study them.

The con in this case is that the magnetic field gradients degrade the spectroscopic properties of antiatoms and this the anti-hydrogen must be transferred in flight far away from the strong magnetic field and the record is trapping them for 1000 seconds. The next step will be to optimise the intensity and kinetic energy of anti-hydrogen beams to understand their quantum state. In 2013, ATRAP announced the first direct measurement of the antiprotons magnetic moment with a fractional precision of 4.4 parts in a million.

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