Diffusion with gummy bears in sucrose solution

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Lab report diffusion with gummy bears in sucrose solution

This experiment is not osmosis. Osmosis is the transport of water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. There is no membrane in a gummy bear because there are no cells in there.

This experiment was about collecting empirical results of a diffusion using gummy bears. The experiment was going to also show us the difference in diffusion between a water solution and a sucrose solution.

Diffusion is the net movement of particles (molecules, ions) from a region of a high concentration to a region of low concentration. The movement occurs by molecules interaction through their kinetic energy with random motions. If we think of two gases being on each side of a partition, if the partition would be removed the gases with the same constant motions would collide because of their different velocities.

The hypothesis to this experiment was that the gummy bears would expand in the pure water solution, but not in the sucrose solution. I thought the water would have an easier way of being diffused into the gummy bear than a sucrose solution with bigger velocity molecules. I guessed the gummy bear would either decrease or not change shape what so ever in the sucrose solution, because of the gummy bear and the solution both being isotonic.

Material :

2 Plastic cups

6 Gummy bears

Distilled water

Sucrose solution ( 1.0 old/dm3)

Method :

There is no need in doing this experiment on a specific time of the day. The strong tendency in diffusion is very efficient even at room temperature. That is because of the high molecular velocities associated with the thermal energy of the particles.

Step 1: Fill one cup with the sucrose solution and the other with the distilled water

Step 2: Put 3 gummy bears in each cup

Step 3: Wait 24 hours and then observe what that has happened to the gummy bears in the cups

Data and analysis/Error analysis :

The result turned out to be the bigger gummy bears being from the distilled water solution and the smaller ones are from the sucrose solution. Sadly there was a lack of the control's variables in our group. No measuring was taken and no weight either. We lacked very much in this variable, but we did, however, compare the weight between the gummy bears with and without distilled water, but it is useless because of the lack of comparison between the sucrose solution as well. So our error analysis is the lack of dependent and controlled variables.

Another error analysis would be not leaving the gummy bears in the solution for longer than 24 hours. Our solution did not get the chance to reach perfect equilibrium with the surrounding solution. Maybe we could get results from the sucrose solution showing the gummy bear loosing size, but now we won't. Retrying the experiment several times would maybe give us a better average measurement of the change in shape and weight in the gummy bears, showing us a more exact change in everything.

Conclusion and evaluation :

​​Through this experiment, we have tried to examine the action of diffusion through gummy bears using different solutions. My hypothesis was if two items would be isotonic, the gummy bear would not de or increase its shape. With inspection through eyes, I saw no increase in shape but again because of the lack of controlled variables the gummy bear might as well have decreased.

But the results I got were based on facts upon the diffusion rate. Since the kinetic energy of different types of molecules with different masses is the same, then their average velocity should be different. Their velocity gives a relative diffusion rate.

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