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Want To Become A Writer?

Do you want to publish your articles and get recognized in your subject?
All you have to do is: 
1. Sign up!
2. Send a request by filling this form , including your CV, Resume and an example of one of your articles.
3. Within 2-3 days you will be sent a zoom-link to be interviewed for this position.
4. You are given the batch and you may start publishing your work right away! 
Benefits of becoming a writer for Athenology: 
1. You will gain a point in your CV as an outstanding educator and goal oriented individual in your field. 
2. A certificate of achievement will be provided to you, signed by the founder.
3. If you choose to also become an online tutor, you will gain yet another diploma as proof for your great work!  
We can not wait to have you as a writer so do not keep up waiting! :)
Best of luck! 


A Young Man Writing
Purple and Gold Bordered Appreciation Ce

Registration Form

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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