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Get to know me 

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Ever since I was a child, I dreamt of working in labs all day and night, have my own website and community to share my interests and spread the beauty of science in its purest form. 

As you know, I have a passion for the big and small, the world above (Astronomy) and below (Earth science and biology). From atoms and cells to cosmos and living organisms. All of this and more is what I wish for the content of this website.

Below, I will take you on a little journey through a few of my past scientific experiences and memories!

This is a lab picture of me when I was in high school in the IB Diploma program, about to head to a dark room to perform the chemiluminescence reaction of luminal. This is when I grew yet another interest in forensic chemistry and the science behind criminal investigations. 


remember how excited I was for this summer science school, which lasted for two months and it was here I learned more about medical subjects such as neurology, immunology, etc. including what I was assigned to, being bacteriology. It was here I wrote the article about PBP2sal and Salmonella, of which you can find here


Here is one of my favorite memories so far, when I got my Diploma from the summer science school of medicine from Karolinska Institutet. I can not remember a single moment I stopped smiling! 

“Occasionally in life their are those mo
Diploma ceremony Jägis only 💕✨🤓.jpg

And of course, one of my favorite places on earth, being at the Noble Prize Museum in Stockholm. I suppose anyone with a passion for the sciences daydreams every now and then to have their picture, name, and accomplishment hanging next to all the other winners. 

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